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Lewisville TX News Headlines On This Rainy But Beautiful Tuesday Morning

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There is always news in every city, and lots of stories get reported in this day and age. Lewisville TX might not be the largest city, but it is a suburb of Dallas after all. What’s going on in Lewisville today? I can bet it’s raining at some point because it has been raining for days in many parts of Texas, off and on. I am about four hours south of Lewisville visiting family on vacation.

What else is in the Lewisville news? There was a Lewisville robbery, and an Uber eats driver was stabbed in the process. The police in Lewisville are looking for the pizza man according to headlines. Burglars who had been stealing designer purses and jewelry are now behind bars. Hopefully they will soon catch the man wanted in the other robbery, too.

There is also a news report coming out of Lewisville about a jealous man who was after his wife’s lover. Evidently, he was planning out an attack but was stopped by police before he could do anything. Police report that he had an arsenal in his SUV, and the man he was plotting against was a Flower Mound chiropractor.

In other news, a contractor stole $50,000 from a church and left the country afterwards. That’s really sad. A lot of news stories are sad these days. You feel for those involved, and you hope and pray that everyone has a great day in the Lord. It is also a beautiful day in Lewisville TX, whether it is raining or full of sunshine.

Did you know that city executives are also trying to get Amazon to put its second headquarters in Lewisville? That would be huge for the city, but there are a lot of cities in the running. Let’s see what happens with Amazon, and that’s all for now regarding news in Lewisville TX.

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